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XY Justification Keyword

<XYJustification N>

    Keyword and parameter to determine the justification used with the <x> and <y> keywords. The default value of zero for N makes X and Y determine the coordinates of the left and top elements of the displayed image. N = 1 makes X and Y specify the center of the displayed image, 2 makes X and Y determine the bottom right coordinates and as of version of DMDX a value of 3 determines the bottom left coordinates (useful for the <Instruction> keyword), similarly a value of 4 indicates the right top which is handy for right to left fonts with <inst>.

<XYJustification> is evaluated as the item is parsed before the display is generated so multiple uses within an item are meaningless, only the last used value will have any effect.

    Currently there's an ambiguity in the code that draws frames that looks like a real nightmare to resolve.  It's result is such that the specification of just one axis' position (ie, just using <x> or <y>) will not work with <XYJustification>, both axes must be specified.  Hence the use of <XY> to position frames when using <XYJustification> is highly recommended.

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