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Networked and Read Only file systems Overview.

    A number of people over the years have tried to use DMDX in a networked environment with one machine serving up the item file and all the resources to a number of lab machines that then run the experiment.  The problem these people all hit is that DMDX creates temporary files as well as output files in the network directory that the item file is found in so only the first machine could run the experiment and all others would throw errors as they tried to create the same files.  The only easy way around it was to have the files copied to each users machine.  A recent tweak to a remote testing paradigm involved running DMDX from a DVD where similar issues are encountered because the directory that contains the item file is read only.  The solution was to make DMDX version try to use the system or user's temporary directory for all the files DMDX might try and create.  Here with a bit of scriptfu the run can be setup to look in the %temp% directory for the resulting output files as long as the networked directory is set to be read only (in Microsoft parlance you have deny writes to the directory).  If this is not done, one user's files will be on the network but other's data will be left in their local machine's %temp% directory.  UnloadAZK can accept a name on the command line so the batch file can at least fire UnloadAZK up with the (often deep) path to the temporary directory.

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