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Digital Video Keyword

<DigitalVideo [N,N [,N,N]]>
<dv [N,N [,N,N]]>

    Like the <Sound> and <Graphic> switches this keyword specifies that the frame text is not to be displayed but is in fact the filename of a streaming Digital Video sequence, beit AVI, MPEG, QuickTime or whatever else DirectShow supports (WMV seems to be good on recent more recent machines). The first optional pair of Ns specify the top left corner location of playback (if only the first Ns are provided then the XYJustification rules will apply), the second pair the bottom right, four zeros signifies full screen playback, -1 uses a default value, values can be real as per <X> and <Y> switches. See the Digital Video section for details.

    If display of the digital video needs to be abortable <AbortItemKeyName> can be used, if the display needs to be contingent upon a subject's response (or some other condition I can't currently imagine) <AbortItemExpression> can be used (see jobstatus example). Note there is a bug when using the Direct3D renderer that might require attention (see <aie>'s documentation).

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