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Correct Feedback Keyword

<CorrectFeedback text>

    FC switch alternative to specify the "Correct" feedback message. text can be undelimited in which case you cannot use RTF text formatting or can it be delimited in quotes, "text", in which case you can use RTF text formatting.  The text cannot contain the -D or -L switches, use <FeedbackDuration> and <FeedbackLine> instead .

    By default the subject RT is appended to this message, to turn it off you will need to use

    If you wish to change the formatting of the RT as well make sure the RTF formatting does not end with the quotes, for example to have completely green correct feedback use the following (note that the last quote is green):

<cfb "Correct">

    Note that if you have turned on <RTFColorOverride> or have used <WritingColor> or <DefaultWritingColor> setting the color of the feedback will have no effect so if you're using them and you want to specify the color of the feedback you'll have to remove them and make the color of your text in the RTF item file the color you wish to display it in.

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