Pictures of the winter quad bowl Croquet court.

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      Here are a couple of shots of one of the courts we set up at the U for lunch time Golf Croquet.  It's located in one of the U's picturesque quadrangles and it's a winter court because it has spit for shade (you can see a little in the picture but that's just because it's winter, in the summer you're totally unprotected). You'll notice it's in bowl and this changes quite a few dimensions of the game.  Not the least of which is out of bounds, it rarely comes into play because even if you get a shot all the way up the sides of the bowl there's a concrete rim around it to boot, pretty sure we've yet to actually get a ball out (which is saying something).   Additionally having the corner hoops necessarily close to the slopes means that there's almost always a shot around a line a of site blockage, just depends how good you are at judging the slopes.  And having balls roll back into play when they'd normally be out of bounds changes things as well, you can't just eliminate someone willy nilly because they might just roll right back where they were, often you have to peel them up or down the court instead. 

      This shot is from what would be corner IV if the court actually had corners looking towards hoop 9 with the balls lined up for a mass start towards hoop 1 (out of picture on the left):

      Unlike the other courts we set up you'll notice there are no trees or other obstructions.  Combined with the fact that this court's grass is actually a good approximation of a real croquet court (in winter anyway) it really sets it apart from other courts we play on, hard to use the term eXtreme here: 

      Of course it does get a little muddy after rain, but hey, it's Tucson and that doesn't happen too often...

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