Psychology 461a

The Social Psychology of Attitudes

Spring 2007

Jeff Stone, Ph.D., Instructor

Welcome to the home page for my Social Psychology of Attitudes course at the University of Arizona.

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Below are the outlines for the lectures.  See the syllabus for the date that each lecture will be presented

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Final Exam lectures (note new schedule in handout):

Lectures #13 & #14:  The roots of prejudice and discrimination

Lectures #15&16, #17:   Reducing prejudice and discrimination

Lecture #18:  Resisting persuasion

Midterm 1 lectures:

Lecture #1: The psychology of everyday persuasion

Lecture #2: Attitudes:  What are they?

Lecture #3: Attitude-behavior relationship

 Lecture #4: Pre-persuasion

Lecture #5: Conformity and norms

 Lecture #6: Interpersonal Influence Strategies

Midterm 2 lectures:   Study Guide here

Lectures #7 &   #8:  Self-persuasion via cognitive dissonance

Lecture #9:  Associative models

Lecture #10:  Learning models

Lecture #11:  Process models

Lecture #12:  Subliminal persuasion?