Answer Keys to H. Hansen and G. Quinn, Greek: An Intensive Course. 2nd revised ed. Fordham UP, 1992.

I created these keys while teaching ancient Greek for the first time at Duke University during the 2003–2004 academic year. Since then I have used them as student aids in Summer Greek courses at the University of Arizona. I am posting them here in the hopes that they will prove useful for students encountering Hansen and Quinn for the first time, whether in a classroom or on their own. They are intended to provide guidance to those with questions about the material, but not to help cheaters. If you are a student submitting information you find here as your own work, you are plagiarizing. Plagiarizing is bad! Your instructor will likely not approve.

As even the casual user will discover, the keys have their limitations. For instance, my translations into Greek and English generally represent only one way of interpreting originals, though sometimes I have included alternate versions placed in (parentheses) or underlined. In addition, in most cases more literal English translations have been preferred to those which sound better. As a result, many of the translations of the Readings are awkward (though usually accurate). Finally, it should be noted that though the keys have been corrected a number of times (and more often than not by Petra Axolotl, to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude), errors doubtless remain. So use with caution! And if you find a mistake, please contact me.

Introduction Drills - Exercises
Unit 1 Drills - Exercises
Unit 2 Drills - Exercises
Unit 3 Drills - Exercises
Units 1–3 Review
Unit 4 Drills - Exercises/Readings
Unit 5 Drills - Exercises/Readings
Unit 6 Drills - Exercises/Readings
Unit 7 Drills - Exercises/Readings
Units 4–7 Review
Unit 8 Drills - Exercises/Readings
Unit 9 Drills - Exercises/Readings
Unit 10 Drills - Exercises/Readings
Units 8–10 Review
Unit 11 Drills - Exercises/Readings
Unit 12 Drills - Exercises/Readings
Unit 13 Drills - Exercises/Readings
Unit 14 Drills - Exercises/Readings
Units 11–14 Review
Unit 15 Drills - Exercises/Readings
Unit 16 Drills - Exercises/Readings
Unit 17 Drills - Exercises/Readings
Units 15–17 Review
Unit 18 Drills - Exercises/Readings
Unit 19 Drill - Exercises/Readings
Unit 20 Drill - Exercises/Readings
Units 1–20 General Review


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