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These are photo essays which I have created but have not been published.  If you are interesting in publishing or reproducing any information you find on these pages please contact me first: holbrook@u.arizona.edu

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Zodiac Floor Mosaics: 

During my preliminary field site investigation on Tunisia a visit to the Bardo Museum revealed a zodiac floor mosaic from the 2nd Century.  This floor mosaic is similar to those uncovered at several sites in Israel.   I was able to travel to Israel to study this further.

Paris Museums:

Traveling to my sites in Africa, I often had to go through Paris.  As a result I visited several museums more than once and began to create a guide for travelers to Paris who are interested in the History of Astronomy.  Sites of interest include the Musee du Louvre, Musée de l'Institut du Monde Arabe, and Musee de la Marine.


Moroccan Astronomy:

In collaboration with the Center for Middle East Studies (CMES) at the University of Arizona, I gave a presentation to K-12 teachers from the Tuscson Unified School District.  The teachers were part of a Fulbright-Hays funded project to teach them about Morocco. As part of the project, they traveled to Morocco. This presentation can serve as a simple lesson plan on astronomy and culture. Images from the teachers' trip to Morocco in 2002 have been added to the presentation. This presentation is copyrighted and can only be used for educational purposes so email me for permission before using it.

J C Holbrook's Publications on the WEB: Student Work Potential Projects
I usually supervise two student projects a year and sometimes take students into the field with me. Students, with my guidance, are responsible for securing their own research funding for travel and summer stipends. Thus far NASA, Pew, the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Honor's College and the Social and Behavioral Science Research Institute (SBSRI) have funded their work. Below are a few project ideas. Other Web Resources on African Cultural Astronomy

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