What is this?

I gave a tutorial on empirical methods in phonology in Taiwan in April of 2007. These links were so that participants who intended to use their own laptops could download materials for the workshop in advance. I maintain the links to supplement the written version of the talk.

Some of the downloads are large and some of the software takes some set-up and/or time to become familiar with it.

Some of these links overlap with links on the conference links page.

(This page was last updated on June 30, 2010.)

Presentation slides

Necessary things for the tutorial

These all need to be downloaded. (For Windows, this means right-click and save. For Mac, control-click and save.)

  1. Brown corpus
  2. Zipped columnized version of the Brown corpus (updated: March 31)
  3. newdic electronic dictionary
  4. Summary of nasal-oral by syllables data
  5. Javascript web experiment
  6. Second javascript web experiment
  7. First data set
  8. Second data set
  9. Third data set
  10. R: free statistical software (Follow the links to download and install the appropriate binary for Windows, Mac, or Unix.)
  11. Tip sheet for R and the command-line
  12. Code for running the first web-based experiment.
  13. Code for emailing responses to the web-based experiment to the experimenter.
  14. Code for running the first experiment using Linger, PsyScope X, and PsyScript.

Optional things or other interesting links

  1. Conference web page
  2. MiniJudge
  3. My homepage
  4. |stat Another free statistical software package. Note that the software runs on any architecture. There are ready-to-run versions of the software at this site for Windows machines. For Linux and Mac OS X, the software must be compiled and the programmer must be emailed to get his permission to obtain the source. Compiling requires the usual tools, e.g. gcc, make, etc. In addition, installation under OS X requires some tweaks of the source code as described on the website.
  5. Sample CGI script for on-line versions of the experiments above.
  6. Web-based interface to newdic dictionary. (Note that if you are intending to use your laptop at the tutorial, you need to download the dictionary from the link above.)
  7. There are several ways of getting unix-style grep, wc, etc. with Windows: UnxUtils, Cygwin, Mingw.
  8. Mary Beckman reminded me that you can do grep on Windows within R. Here's a little script she has graciously provided showing how to do this.

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