Here is a currrent list of errata from my book Programming in Perl for Linguists:

Please email me if you should discover any additional errors and I will add them to this list: hammond at u dot arizona dot edu.

  1. p. 8: the first line of should be: print("Hello ");. (Sung-Hoon Hong)
  2. On p.33, in the discussion above, the chomp() command isn't actually necessary to do math. (Xu Xu)
  3. In on p.86, the second line should read:
    if ($line =~ /(\w{3,})\1/) { (Zach Wolff)
  4. The code for basic5.html cited on page 127 has the <center> in the wrong place. It should be around the second sentence (Attila Starcevic)
  5. Add to acknowledgements: