Here is a currrent list of errata from my book The Phonology of English: A Prosodic Optimality-Theoretic Approach:

Please email me if you should discover any additional errors and I will add them to this list.

  1. Sonya Bird, Emmanuel Ferragne, and Dale Gerdemann should be in the acknowledgements
  2. 118 castanets the first vowel should be [ae]
  3. 152 delete 'z' in iambic pentameter schema
  4. 157 In the table, Achilles should have an acute accent over the second syllable and Dominique should have a grave accent over the first syllable.
  5. 172 add another vertical line on the Nonfinality constraint
  6. 231 The second period in the last candidate of the tableau for alcove should be removed.
  7. 241 F(M) should be F(μ)
  8. 259 The second table should refer to "nouns", not "verbs".
  9. 262 rt should be RT
  10. 266 The first and second candidates do not violate FtBin
  11. 289: the second [k] of acalculia should be aspirated.
  12. 342: fix ref to Hammond & Dupoux
  13. 352 & 211 Boisie -> Boise (also note that Idahoans pronounce it [boysi])
  14. names from the further reading section of chapter 1 need to be added to the index.
  15. 163 ámpersànd cannot undergo expletive infixation because, as noted in the text, the primary stress must be to the right.
  16. 329 Here and following, Base-Identity should be abbreviated as BI, not as BE.
  17. Nanni (1977) should be in the references. (Nanni, D. 1977. "Stressing words in -ative", Linguistic Inquiry 8, 752-763.)
  18. p.8 lent in French means 'slow', not 'show'
  19. In the first tableau on p.19, replace the [m] in [may] with a VOICELESS [m].
  20. There should be no COR in the filter on page 74 or in the one on page 76.