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Welcome to DeathNET. Please load images. DeathNET: an international archive specializing in all aspects of death and dying - with a sincere respect for every point of view.

DeathNET is the result of hundreds of hours of volunteer work, gathering together a wide range of materials related to the legal, moral, medical, historical and cultural aspects of human mortality. Most of these materials are not readily available from any other source on or off the Internet.

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Austin BastableAustin Bastable's Historic Struggle

for a death with dignity

Austin & Nina: Jan 3/96 Austin's "Last Hurrah"
One disabled man vs. the Powers That Be

Read the specific legislative changes to the Criminal Code which Austin Bastable advocated the Government adopt.

Janet Good Janet Good: The Ultimate CivilRight

At age 72, and stricken with pancreatic cancer, Janet Good is determined tofight for "choice in dying".

LAST RIGHTS Information Centre

Providing enlightenment about death and dying.

Moderator: John Hofsess


The Life and Work of Dr. Jack Kevorkian

The Art
and Science
of Suicide
Original research in "self-deliverance" and euthanasia

RESTRICTED AREA: Mature adults only:

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Garden of Remembrance

"Those who are remembered...never die."

An award-winning on-line obituary service offering personal homepages honouring the deceased.

This site is maintained by The Right to Die Society ofCanada

ERGO! InformationCenter

U.S. News and Euthanasia Archives

Moderator: Derek Humphry


DeathNET's exclusive Conference Room for serious discussions about"end of life" issues and problems.

Registration Required

The "Living Will"Center

We're laying the foundation for a major new archive on "living wills" and advance directives.

Now Open!

LIFE'S END Bookstore

Over 3,000 titles on end-of-life issues

Senate Special Committee on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

The only online source of the official1994/95 transcripts in English and French.

Testimony by 259 witnesses discussing "end of life" issues ranging from palliative care to suicide - from every viewpoint


Death and the Media: The manufacture ofdisinformation

A special archive for journalism students andmedia critics.

Maintained by The Right toDie Society ofCanada