What is rhetoric?  This is the art of speaking and writing to persuade an
audience.  The rhetorical triangle is this: speaker (writer), audience (reader),
and speech (text.) See the item below.

  Kairos is the online rhetoric journal.  

  Why should we analyze texts rhetorically? Texts do not exist in a vacuum. 
They are written for a purpose to some reader(s). See the article on medical 
rhetorical analysis.

   The U of Arizona's New Start program features rhetorical analysis of positions
on hot topics, such as bilingual education.  See below.
  1. The Rhetorical Triangle
  2. Rhetorical Analysis of Fonts
  3. Medical Rhetorical Analysis
  4. U of AZ RCTE Program
  5. Victor Vitanza
  6. Kairos
  7. Classic Rhetoric Glossary
  8. Rhetorical Context of Uncle Tom novel
  9. Basic Writing E-journal
  10. AZ Legislative Web Site for U of AZ Writing