HUMOR: Saturday, May 3, 1997 9:06:56 am Diversity University MOOtime (EDT)

NOTE: DocZ is a "class clown" and will make fun of almost anything.
This is a very helpful kind of humor where there is some tension
and awkwardness, dealing with a new kind of discursive situtaion.
DocZ's joking makes the initial contact lighter...

Miyan's (^_^) face symbol is only one of several he has made to
show his emotions without having to use words. This saves time in
a second language situation for Miyan, as well as being "emoticons"
similar to those we are more familiar with... :)

DocZ says, "Ohayou gozaimasu, miyan."

miyan (^_^)

GloriaLee says, "Koh nishi wah..."

miyan holds up a BIG sign: Good afternoon = Kon nichi wa..

DocZ says, "Sayonara!"

miyan holds up a BIG sign: Arigatou = Thank you!!

miyan holds up a BIG sign: Sayonara = Good bye!!

DocZ write down Aligator=Thank you.

miyan laughs.

NOTE: In order to make the scene more vivid, DocZ makes a the scene
include 'real' lighting.

DocZ says, "Should I turn off the lights?"

GloriaLee says, "Please do, Doc...:)"

DocZ flips the switch and the room is enveloped in a Stygian blackness.

miyan says, "Can all read that slide 1?"

GloriaLee nods and grins

DocZ says, "I can see it now."

NOTE: DocZ springs upon the unfortunate typo "udes" for a pun...

miyan says, "We have the dictionaries of Kigos, which are udes by Haiku poets."

miyan says, "use."

miyan says, "See the example next.."

DocZ says, "Beware the udes of March. :)"

NOTE: Maxi defends her first "kigo" choice because Miyan seems to be wavering
on the word "bikini."  Kigos are keywords that show the season
in a formal haiku... It may be that gender is also causing some confusion
here. The men seem to wish to retain "bikini" while throwing out MaxiB's
sports equipment.  Maxi also had to tell DocZ her gender.

GloriaLee says, "So if I used the word 'plum' in my first line, you
would know what season the poem was set in, correct?"

miyan says, ""Plum... I think it is for early spring in Japan."

GloriaLee says, "I love plum sauce....yum."

DocZ says, "And if I used bikini you would know it was summer."

miyan nods.

GloriaLee says, "Unless in New Zealand."

maxib says, "bikini is no more nature than skate, unless you mean the atoll, I guess"

NOTE: maxib has fun with syllable counts and kigos and 'flogs'...

miyan says, "I think this Haiku is for the beginning of June, when in Japan it is in the rainy season and flogs become very lively."

DocZ says, "Jackie Robinson/ slides into home plate safe/ a kigo of spring."

miyan says, "And this Haiku expresses silence."

maxib says, "Raining in Japan/Flogs become very lively/like cats'o nine tails"

miyan says, "Imagine, an old pond ( whihc is not so big ) and a flog jumping into that pond."
miyan smiles (^_^)

DocZ sends Max to the penalty box.

miyan says, "It is not a salt water but a fresh water."

miyan says, "So that flog is safe."

NOTE: Miyan tries to explain the differences between haiku, tanka, renga, and waka forms of poems.
             DocZ decides he's been singing waka all his life...

miyan says, "Basho made the first 5-7-5 of renga be independent."

miyan says, "He created a new literature which has the form only 5-7-5."

DocZ says, "Ninety-nine bottles/ of beer on the wall, ninety-/ nine bottles of beer.//If one of those bottles should/ happen to fall, ninety-eight."

DocZ says, "We sang waka on the bus!"

miyan [to DocZ]: Is it waka?