Saturday, May 3, 1997 9:06:56 am Diversity University MOOtime (EDT)

NOTE: We never asked Miyan if he were married and had a baby, as
is the subject here.

Miyan adds a new "blushes for praise" symbol...

Banryoku no                      Myriad greens...

    naka ya ako no ha             amid them my baby begins
    hae homuru                        his teething

----- Nakamura Kusatao (1901--83)

Kigo--- Banryoku ( Myriad greens ) for spring.

-------------------------- End Slide Three ----------------------------

miyan says, "This is one of my favorite Haikus in this season."

NOTE: We felt very at home with Miyan, his knowledge and low-key

miyan says, "Any question ??"

DocZ says, "Do you write haiku, miyan?"

miyan says, "NO... I write Tankas a little."

miyan says, "Thank you fro listening to me... my bad English.."

GloriaLee says, "Very good job! she applauds Miyan loudly

miyan (*^_^*)

Osborne says, "arigatou, miyan and thanks, GloriaLee"

DocZ says, "It is we who should say Arigatou to you, miyan."

miyan says, "Arigatou gozaimasu.."

GloriaLee says, "Arigatou, Miyan san."