SAXONS:  Ethnic Germans who have been living for centuries
in Transylvania.  Some were encouraged to settle there in the 
eighteenth century under Empress Maria Theresa.
      MAGYARS: The name ethnic Hungarians call themselves. Magyar
is the official language of Hungary. Magyarozag is the name of
Hungary in Hungarian. Magyars migrated to what is now Hungary
from the steppes of Central Asia. The Magyar language is Finno-
      SZEKELYS: Akin to the Magyars, a Finno-Ugrian people of
Transylvania. Claim descent from Attila and his Huns.
      ATTILA:  (d. 453) King of the Huns, became king in 433,
along with his brother Bleda, on the death of his uncle Roua.
At he height of his power, Attila ruled over almost all of 
Central Europe.His special kingdom comprised the countries
which are now Transylvania and Hungary. Attila's capital was
not far from moder-day Budapest. He died suddenly the day
after a banquet which celebrated his marriage with a damsel
named Ildico. Rumor had it that he was poisoned, but this
was never established. Attila shows up in Teutonic legends
under the name Etzel. Attila is in the Scandinavian sagas under
the name of Atli. (None of the sagas follow what is known
from history.)