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speeding when the rest are sleeping

Founded in 1998 (13 years and running)

Intervals on the track @ 4:55 A.M.
  • Catalina Track: Tue
  • Catalina Foothills Track: Thur
Long runs: Sat

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The sub masters (master wannabes)
Autumn Ray, (quiet and very fast)

The masters (just peaking in life)
Pete Ziegler, (getting better with age)
Steve Greenwell, (usually on something or at least Pete thinks so)
Ken Cottrell, (dedicated and consistent)

The super-masters (going going but not gone)
Joel Stamp, (one pace and a fast one it is)
Wayne Jewett, (inflexible guy with flexible muscles, always fast)
Emmanuel Katsanis, (they call me coach but no one listens)
David Ingram, (knows all the corners to cut)
Dan Perino, (the Amigo with great abs)
Jim Belitsos, (??#%&??)
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Alumni (gone but still part of us, or not)
Anderson, Chris (Memphis, Tennessee)
Grijalva, Maritza (Memphis, Tennessee)
Erickson, Bart (in Tucson but retired from group)
Hartigan, Mike (gone but never forgotten)
Jones, Brad (rock star running with us from CA)
Kelly, Doug (in Tucson but resigned from us)
Kuhn, Nick (Denver, Colorado)
Alison Meadow, (was she really an interlooper?)
Penn, Matt (in Tucson but having an affair with he Grinders)
Ribes, Lisa (became a triathlete)
Silva, Juan (coaching son who’s faster than all of us)
Smith, Hayden (Albion, Michigan)
Urken, Steve (Atlanta, Georgia)
Vogiatzis, Konstantinos (sprinting somewhere)
Wilder, Ben (grinded to the ground and disappeared)