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Useful Web Sites for Tribal Libraries:
Training and Tools

Updated 29 March 2001.

New! Adobe Acrobat Reader
Download the free and most current version from the Adobe site.

- Archival Products Newsletter
This vendor offers a free onsite newsletter with substantive articles addressing different conservation and preservation topics, including back issues' articles. Lots of how-to's.

- Funding for Technology
Focuses on helping schools with information technology funding. Although school- specific, some of the information may be useful to the tribal librarian, especially the section on grant and proposal writing located halfway down the home page.

- Glossary of Terms for Archivists

Updated! A Grant Getter's Guide to the Internet: A Brief Summary of Available Grant Information and Where to Find It
This site results from a paper written in the mid-1990s. Some of the links are broken, and I'm not sure whether the site is maintained. Although not aimed toward the tribal library, or even to libraries in general, the information presented is useful to anyone searching for grant information on the Internet. Tribal libraries are centers of education, for the enrolled student and for the self-taught, and many are eligible for education grants, especially those that are connected to tribal schools and colleges.

- The Information Professional's Glossary
A glossary of library and information science terms compiled by students and faculty at the School of Information Resources and Library Science, University of Arizona.

- Internet Hoaxes and Urban Legends: A List of Confirmation Web Sites

- KickStart Initiative: Connecting America's Communities to the Information Highway - Identifying Costs and Sources of Funding
Helps to determine the cost summary for infrastructure development to connect the library to the Internet. The focus is on school and public libraries, and community centers. Categories of costs are listed for easy reference. The site also provides information on alternative sources of funding, how to reprogram existing sources of funding, and cost-savings measures. KickStart is an initiative of the United States Advisory Council on the National Information Infrastructure.

- MARC 21 Concise Format for Bibliographic Data, Library of Congress Network Development and MARC Standards Office.

Narrative, examples, and listing of indicators and subfield codes to guide the cataloger through the new MARC standard. For more explanation, also see Follett's Understanding MARC Bibliographic

- The Reference CyberLibrarian
Internet tutorials, quick tips, links to training, online reference services, information about becoming and being a librarian, First Amendment and the Net, viruses, and much more information available.

- Search Engine Watch
A free (although commercial) site dedicated to search engines: how they work, which ones to use for what purposes, tutorials, and the opportunity to subscribe to a free electronic newsletter. This site is useful to librarians who do online searches for patrons, and for patrons who are looking for more information on doing their own Web searches.

- A Simple Book Repair Manual
Developed by Preservation Services of Dartmouth College Library, this online how-to manual outlines the steps of simple book repair for ten kinds of damage, including the principles of book repair, how to set up a repair area in your library, materials and techniques, and a bibliography of related sources.

- Techniques for Evaluating American Indian Web Sites
Guidelines for helping Web users to critically evaluate sites about Indian peoples.

- TRAILS (TRaining and Assistance for Indian Library Services)
A program of the University of Oklahoma's School of Library and Information Studies.

- usgovsearch: "A One-stop Federal Government Information Resource
This government documents search engine accesses more than 20,000 federal web sites, approximately 3.8 million web pages, 3 million government research documents, and several million articles, and is a free service for school and public libraries. A heavy focus is on scientific and technical information. Libraries may set up accounts via email or over the telephone.

- WEBmail Servers
For people who do not have access to the Web using textual or graphical browsers, this service allows the user to send an email message to request information about a specified Web site to be returned via email. This helps to meet the needs of the huge community of Internet users who are without Web access. The WEBmail servers also provide other Internet tools such as gopher, ftp, and more. This site is in English, French and Spanish versions. Special permission has been granted to librarians to print out an English copy of this information page and give it to individuals who are interested in using this service.

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