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Private Funding Sources for Tribal Libraries

Updated 11 August 2000.

Welcome. Below are links to private funding sources for North American Indian tribal libraries. Please email your comments and questions regarding this site to Elaine Cubbins, MA-IRLS at

- Annenberg Foundation
Funding focus is on "pre-collegiate education, and specifically on public school restructuring and reform...." Areas of specific interest include K-12 public education, early childhood education, and child development and youth services. See the Sample Grants page for examples of funding made for library and information services. Grant proposal guidelines are available online.

- Books for Kids
Sponsored by the Seattle Times and with the support of numerous other groups, this nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization gives new books to at-risk children living in Washington state to promote literacy and reading in the home. Children from birth to age 18 are eligible to receive books. Donations come from the general public, corporate book drive programs, some publisher overstock donations and grant funding. Approximately 82,500 books are expected to be distributed in 1998. Recipients include American Indian Community Childcare Center, Spokane; Nisqually Tribal Library, Olympia; Northwest Indian College Lummi Library, Bellingham; Skokomish Tribal Center, Shelton; Squaxin Tribal Center, Shelton. Application guidelines are not included on this site, but more information is available from:

Books for Kids
1334 First Avenue, Suite 130
Seattle, Washington 98101
Tel.: (206) 461-8345

- Carnegie Corporation of New York
The site information on recent grant awards, application guidelines and restrictions, and information about other Carnegie services. Applicable funding areas, and their descriptions, include:

- DeWitt Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund
"The DeWitt Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund is a national, private grantmaking foundation located in New York City. Its mission is to improve the quality of educational and career development opportunities for school-age youth, especially young people growing up in low-income communities." Focus on elementary and secondary schools; community-based organizations (i.e., museums and public libraries); and school-community collaboration.

- The Flinn Foundation
"To Improve the Quality of Life in Arizona". Regional funding for Arizona only in the areas of health care and health care interests, college scholarships to high school seniors, and "special exhibitions and performances" in the visual and performing arts. Submissions of grant proposals are encouraged. Inquiries are accepted through the Web contact form. Grant guidelines and restrictions are available online.

- The Heinz Endowments
Regional funding for Pennsylvania, with an emphasis on the southwestern part of the state, or for meeting needs that are of clear benefit to the region. The Endowments is a philanthropic organization that supports the efforts of nonprofit organizations active in the areas of:

- Houston Endowment, Inc.
This organization contributes to a broad spectrum of programs in education, health care, human services, cultural arts, and other areas, with a focus on the city of Houston and the State of Texas. Grant proposals are considered six times a year (exact dates unknown), and grant application guidelines are specific, exacting and involved. Recent recipients include the American Indian Information Network in Carlsbad, CA, and various libraries.

- The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
"...dedicated to helping groups and individuals foster lasting improvement in the human condition. The Foundation seeks the development of healthy individuals and effective communities; peace within and among nations; responsible choices about human reproduction; and a global ecosystem capable of supporting healthy human societies." The scope is international and national.

Interest areas include media/communications; arts and cultural programs; education; community development; the environment and natural resources conservation; international concerns of various types; health; research; policy development. Recent recipient: South and Meso-American Indian Information Center, Oakland, CA. Guidelines for Support of Media Centers funding process is available. General application information is also available.

- Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund
"The Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund is a national, private grantmaking foundation located in New York City. Its mission is to invest in programs that enhance the cultural life of communities and encourage people to make the arts and culture an active part of their everyday lives." Focus is on arts and culture (e.g., folklife, museums, literary arts organizations, cultural participation, writers, and more), and adult literacy (e.g., instruction in public libraries, literacy networks).

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