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Non-WEB Funding Sources for
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Updated 6 February 1999.

Welcome. To strengthen the effort for providing the most comprehensive access possible to funding sources for North American Indian tribal libraries, this Web page gives information on how to contact sources for which Web pages have not as yet been located. The sources included here are found in the National Guide to Funding for Libraries & Information Services, 4th edition (1997), published by The Foundation Center, and were identified in the subject index under the term "Native Americans" as having recently granted funds to Indian libraries and information centers. The annotation for each item is focused purely on the funding opportunity for the library serving Indian populations; most of the sources have a much broader funding scope than is identified here. Please consult the National Guide for complete information.

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- Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation
Geographical focus is on the Southeast, South Central, and Southwest United States, and the New York metropolitan area. Funding is for institutions with projects in the U.S. that protect the natural world on which all life depends. Some funding interest s are in environment and legal rights, volunteers, water and/or toxicity; reproductive and/or women's rights; community development; sustainable agriculture. Funding covers start-up and continuing support, and development of programs. For initial cont act, send a one to two page letter of inquiry with a timetable, budget estimate, and sources of other possible funding. If there is interest, a full proposal will be requested, usually due within one month from the request. Letters of inquiry may be sen t in at any time. Recent recipient: Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center, Lake Andes, S.D. For more information, contact:

Stephen Viederman, President
Six East 39th Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10016
Tel.: (212) 684-6577
Fax: (212) 689-6549

- McCune Charitable Foundation
Funding is limited to New Mexico only, especially northern New Mexico. Primary interests include, but are not limited to: all levels of education; all aspects of the arts; children, young people, and the elderly; preservation in many areas; museums and archives; many aspects of social services and health care. Funding covers (among other areas): start-up money; land acquisition; general and continuing support; equipment; building and renovation; scholarships, seminars and conferences; and, technical a ssistance. American Indians, libraries and library services, literacy, and community development are specified as interest areas for receiving funding. Recent recipient: Pueblo of Nambe, Nambe Pueblo, NM. For complete information, guidelines and deadl ines, send an inquiry letter to:

Fran Sowers, Associate Director
123 East Mercy Street, Suite 201
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Tel.: (501) 983-8300
Fax: (501) 983-7887

- Otto Bremer Foundation
Funding is for communities in Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana and Wisconsin where there are Bremer Bank affiliates. The primary funding interests are on fighting racism and combatting rural poverty by supporting services in post-secondary education (Min nesota only), human services, health, religion, and community services. Target groups emphasized include American Indians and libraries. Types of support are continuing; general and operating; technical assistance and equipment; building and rennovation ; start-up money; program development; conferences, seminars, and internships; emergency and matching funds. Telephone inquiries are encouraged. Funding decisions are made monthly, but submit grant proposal at least three months prior to when the funds are needed. Guidelines can be found at For complete information, contact:

Otto Bremer Foundation
Suite 2000, 445 Minnesota Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101-2107
Tel.: (612) 227-8036
Fax: (612) 227-2522

- Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund
Funding is primarily in the San Francisco area, and is for programs that have a positive effect on the environment, children, young people and the elderly. Monies are given for start-up, continuing support, campaigns, and program development. Some field s of interests are adult literacy and basic skills; services to children, youth, and the elderly; various aspects of health and family planning. There are no deadlines, but the Board meets in March, June, September and December. Recent recipient: South and Meso-American Indian Information Center, Oakland, CA. For more information, send a two-page inquiry letter to:

Duane Silverstein, Executive Director
One Lombard Street, Suite 303
San Francisco, CA 94111
Tel.: (415) 788-1090
Fax: (415) 788-7890

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