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Government Funding Sources for Tribal Libraries

Updated 29 March 2001.

Welcome. Below are links to government funding sources for North American Indian tribal libraries. Please email your comments and questions regarding this site to Elaine Cubbins, MA-IRLS at ecubbins@u.arizona.edu

- Catalog of Federal Domestic
The CFDA "is a government-wide compendium of Federal programs, projects, services, and activities which provide assistance or benefits to the American public. It contains financial and nonfinancial assistance programs administered by departments and establishments of the Federal government."

- Community Technology Centers, U.S. Department of Education
This program promotes "the development of model programs that demonstrate the educational effectiveness of technology in urban and rural areas and economically distressed communities." Programs are for adults and children to access information technology in relation to learning types of services. Forty to sixty awards will be made of approximately $180,000 each to be used over a 36-month period. Eligibility is defined for "State educational agencies (SEAs), local educational agencies (LEAs), institutions of higher education, or other public and private nonprofit or for-profit agencies organizations...." Former recipients include:

Guidelines and applications in .pdf format are available online. Applications for 2001 FY funding will be available in April 2001.

- Institute of Museum and Library Services
This Federal agency provides different grants to libraries and museums in three main funding areas:

IMLS also provides targeted funding to Native American Library Services and to Native Hawaiian Library Services. Basic grants for Native American Library Services are non-competitive, and any eligible library that submits the completed required documents will receive this type of funding. Please note that Deadlines are different for each funding area, and for specific grants within those areas. Guidelines and forms for each grant in each funding area may be accessed online.

 - Library of Congress / Ameritech National Digital Library Competition
NOTE: This competition has reached its 3-year conclusion, but the winners are posted.

- National Endowment for the Humanities
The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) "is an independent grant-making agency of the United States government dedicated to supporting research, education and public programs in the humanities."

- National Science Foundation (NSF)
The U.S. NSF Awards Search shows examples of funding include development of indigenous dictionaries, telecommunications to tribal colleges, schools and Native organizations, pre-college preparation for Native students in the sciences, preservation of cultural scientific data, library policy development and research, virtual libraries, developing electronic science resources in school libraries. Database search directions are simple, and the Verity search language link gives you information on more sophisticated search techniques.

This site is also a good source if you're helping a college student look for funding at Student Interests, and to find fun and interesting information on science for K-12 students. For grant application information, go to each subject on the main home page (i.e., Computer, Information Technology or to Education) to find specifics on that area.

- U.S. Department of Education Funding Opportunities
"The Department awards grants and contracts to schools, school districts, researchers, and others to implement new methodologies, research effective practice, implement educational reform, and provide the Department goods and services." Included at this sight is access to information on funding for college students, frequently asked questions, and what you should know about ED grants. "U.S. Department of Education announcements - including proposed and final rules, grant applications, grant program priorities, and other U.S. Department of Education activities - are officially announced in the Federal Register."

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