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Web Resources for Tribal Libraries

This Web site updated 29 March 2001.

Welcome. This site provides links to potential funding sources for North American Indian tribal libraries. A tribal library may be public, academic, school, or special, such as archival or museum. We hope that our search of the Web will prove useful for you.

The funding sources are directly and indirectly aimed at the tribal library, or toward community programs and services that may be under the wing of the tribal library. A funding source that does not at first appear to fit the profile for a library may address a service the library provides. Sources are divided by the type of organization providing the funding opportunity, except those sources for which Web pages have not been located. These are classified under non-Web sources.

The Useful Links page offers online access to Web sites of specific interest to tribal librarians and other information providers, such as links to tribal library sites, reports, training opportunities, children's materials, online archives, libraries, databases, and more. Our goal is to link you with Web sites containing substantive information useful to your patrons or to your development as an information provider to Native peoples.

An Announcements page presents opportunities and events for tribal librarians in education, employment, professional development, scholarships, and other areas of potential interest to librarians and patrons. Contributions to this page are welcomed and encouraged.

Please email your comments and questions regarding this site to Elaine Cubbins, MA-IRLS at ecubbins@u.arizona.edu

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