Educational Website Resource Page

       After looking through some of my classmates suggested helpful k-12 sites I found these four that I agree are useful as well. I also           added a few I found and thought useful.

This site offers a free trial and then has a cost. This site helps teachers to create class webpages. Parents can also use this resource as well so that keeps communication open between the parents and teachers.

This easy to use site is a great source for children's books. Children's Literature Comprehensive center provides reviews and lesson plans for books, information about the authors, etc.

This site is made by a fellow teacher and provides curriculum ideas for all subjects as well as ideas to decorate your classroom.

This site provides teachers with worksheets, lesson plans, books to read, activities, and many more.

Lakeshore Learning

This website provides teachers with a great way to shop for fun educational resources. Teachers can shop by age/gender or category/subject area. The

site also provides free resources as well.

This website is an educational directory that offers free lesson plans, categorized resources, clipart, and site sets.


Provides teachers with curriculum guides, resources, research pertaining to education, and training options. Adobe gives teachers the chance to use engaging resources to teach students the technological skills needed in today's digital world.


Building Tomorrow

Building Tomorrow is an international social-profit organization that's working to increase philanthropic activities and awarness of educational inequalities among elementary and middle school aged children. Teachers can sign up to have their classrooms be a part of Sit for Good-service learning campaign and are provided with lesson plans, activities, discussion topics, fundraising tools and ideas, and background information regarding sub-Saharan Africa.