Class: (AP)  Psychology

Unit: Abnormal Psych

Grade: 12th

Myer's Psychology 8th Edition  by David G Myers

Class Powerpoints

*WIll be used to guide lecture notes and studying for quizzes

Lecture 1- Intro to Abnormal Psych
Lecture 2- Psychological Disorders:
Lesson 1 Anxiety Disorders

Educational Websites

*The internet is a wonderful resource for finding many websites that can be used to research and learn about any topic. I found two great educational websites that will help to enhance our learning of psychological disorders by fostering a better way to learn and understand. The first site is AllPsych Online which is great for everything psychology! This comprehensive psychology site provides visitors with over 920 individual, cross referenced, web pages and over 3000 pages of material/research. The site offers a whole section devoted to psych disorders that includes: categorization, symptoms, treatment options, etc. The second site is for the textbook through Worth Publishers and is designed for students and teachers. The site provides students with key concepts review, chapter review, flashcards, quizzes, tutorials, web links, and podcasts. Worth Publishers provides teachers/instructors with teaching materials such as lesson plans or activities. 



*Class Blog

The blog will be used as a place for students to respond to discussion questions pertaining to each lecture. Each lecture will contain one or multiple discussion question that must be answered using information and/or examples from their textbook and at least one outside source. Students will need to create their own blogger accounts to comment/answer the discussion questions.

*Resource Page*     This link provides students with online resources that will provide them with fun and interactive ways to study  and information about everything dealing with psychology. Will help students prepare for exams, quizzes, and homework.