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You have reached the Website of Doug Weiner, Professor of History at the University of Arizona, and, according to the Russian newspaper ZAVTRA, one of the people chiefly responsible for the downfall of the Soviet Union (Many people in Tucson don't realize how important I REALLY am!). Among my teaching and research interests are Russian and Soviet history, environmental history, and the history of science. I have  also organized the TENTH BIENNIAL CONFERENCE of the AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR ENVIRONMENTAL HISTORY, April 14 through 18, 1999.Welcome to my Web site!


This is a copy of my Diploma of the Laureate of the Moscow Society of Naturalists, awarded for the best book about Russian science in 1995 (for the Russian translation of Models of Nature) The people at Zavtra didn't like my book as much, however.  If you'd like to read an English-language translation of their article, click on Ivan Michurin.

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