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Geostatistics at the University of Arizona has a long history dating back in the '70s. Although there had been some interest in the hydrology department, the real emphasis began with the collaboration between D. Myers (Dept. Mathematics) and Y.C. Kim (Dept. Mining and Geological Engineering). This began with a series of seminars in the Mining and Geological Engineering Dept. which culminated in the initiation of a new course in geostatistics (fall 1982) offered by D. E. Myers in the Dept. of Mathematics. This course was offered at least yearly therafter except for the 1994-1995 academic year when the instructor was away. The course attracted students from a variety of departments, principally Mining, Mineral Resources and Hydrology. Although the Mineral Resources program has been discontinued and the interest in geostatistics has declined in Mining since the retirement of Y.C. Kim, the course has attracted students from many additional departments including Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences, Geography, Watershed Management, Geology, Arid Lands and Plant Pathology as well as from the Applied Mathematics program.


A UNIX version of the popular GEOEAS software was produced at the University of Arizona (Department of Mathematics). The original version was compiled for the SUN OS 4.1.2. Andy Long, who was responsible for the original, has updated the software and has created a new website UNIX-GEOEAS. There is a SUN SOLARIS version as well as LINUX versions. Note that the files are compressed and/or zipped. Both source and binary codes are available. The original code is still available from an ftp site in the Mathematics Department.


Arid Lands
Stuart Marsh

Civil Engineering
George Frantziskonis


Steve Yool Andrew Comrie

Global Change

Roger Bales Shlomo Neuman Jim Yeh Dave Goodrich (USDA-ARS)

Donald Myers

Plant Pathology
Merritt Nelson Tom Orum

Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis

Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences
Alfredo Huete A. W. Warrick Peter Wierenga

Tree-Ring Lab
Malcolm Hughes Dave Meko Katherine Hirshboeck

Watershed Management
Phil Guertin