Welcome to the homepage of Debbi Golden-Davis!

I moved to Tucson, Arizona with Avery Davis in July, 1998, approximately 25 years after the above picture of me was taken in my college days. I am now a Program Coordinator, Senior, with the Office of Student Financial Aid at The University of Arizona. You can send email to me at dgolden@email.Arizona.edu. My home email of debbigolden@mindspring.com can be used during vacations, but you may have to beg Earthlink to let you actually reach me.

For fairly recent news, here is our Holiday letter written in December 2005, in Adobe PDF.  Having used the digital camera for nearly 2 years, I have accumulated nearly 2000 photos in cyberspace.  I recently discovered a free program to help me manage them, pick out my favorites, and crop them when necessary- Picasa.com   With a little guidance from Avery, I narrowed them down to 5 photo collages- all compressed into Adobe PDF for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Spring 2005 features the Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon, and aerial mountain views.  Summer 2005 stars our feline companion, Mona, some of the wildlife she watches through our patio door, saguaros in bloom, and other flora & fauna.  New York City June 2005 is a much nicer souvenir of a trip to the Big Apple than what I brought back last time.  Autumn in Alabama features helicopters, rockets, and some artsy Botanical Garden photos.  To finish up, Winter 2005 begins with a very photogenic hail storm from February in Tucson, and continues with October in Huntsville, Alabama,.and December in Haverford, Pennsylvania.  The B & W photos on the letter were also taken in Haverford.

On my rudimentary pages, I will share a little about my life here in Tucson, and My Previous Life (mini-autobiography). As I work on this, I will give you links to other sites of possible interest. I haven’t done much of that, (technically, none) but Avery’s site has many links.

Going back in time:  For a letter and photos from 2004, please and go to our Holiday letter written in December 2004, in Adobe PDF;
For a summary of the events of 2003, please and go to our 
Holiday letter written in December 2003, in Adobe PDF.

Circa the end of April 2002: I was in the process of healing a broken right kneecap acquired on our recent trip (more ways than one) to New York City. The trip began with a fabulous celebration in Garden City of the 30th anniversary of WBAU-FM., the now defunct radio station of Adelphi University. You can view photos of some of the WALI & WBAU gang in the early 70’s and April 7, 2002 

For a summary of the events of 2002, please and go to our Holiday letter written in December 2002.  For a summary of 2001, please and go to our 2001 Greeting Card;  For a summary of 2000, please and go to our 2000 Greeting Card, and Family Thanksgiving Photos.

For a summary of the very eventful 1999, please go to our 1999 Greeting Card. For the lighter side of putting together a marriage ceremony and reception long distance, you can peek in on our Wedding (including photos), which took place May 22, 1999.You can see some older pictures of us and Tucson scenes at Photos98.  I took some photos around campus in Spring of 99.  The accompanying message from that year can be seen on the 1998 Greeting Card   For the details on how and why we moved to Tucson from Marietta, Georgia, here is the tale of Summer98.

My husband, Avery Davis, has a homepage too, with many interesting links at http://avery.home.mindspring.com/

Well, that's it for now. I hope to keep adding more.  In reality, I add something just before New Year’s each year….   Have fun!  Debbi

Last update December 27, 2005.