Diana Archangeli, Ph. D.
Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Arizona
Faculty, Cognitive Science Program, University of Arizona
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Linguistics 697a, Fall 1998 - Workshop

Instructor Diana Archangeli Phone 621-2184 (voice mail)

Office Douglass 206 Email dba@u.arizona.edu

Office hours M12:30-2, Th 12:30-1:30


Note: The LING 697a experiment is continuing, with both dissertators and comprehensive exam paper writers attending. Although there is some overlap in the needs of each population, there are also differences. I solicit your help in making this course successful for everyone.

The course consists of a mix of discussion topics, workshops, and presentations. The topics listed below are suggestions. I eagerly solicit alternatives that are more useful to you!!! (Example: the oral exam discussion day is added following up on suggestions from last year's group.)

 Minimal goal: successful prelim paper/an approved thesis prospectus

Requirements: a statement of research problem

3 presentations on research results

2 drafts

comments on each draft of 2 other people

class participation in discussions & workshops

Discussions: 8/24 what does a large research project entail?

what do you need at this point in your career/life?

9/21 how to organize time/how to get started

10/12 balancing personal and professional choices

11/16 the differences - student & professor

12/7 oral exams - the comprehensive exam and the defense

Workshops: 8/31 library research

10/19 CVs & job letters

11/9 grant writing





assignment- A group

assignment-#1 group

Aug 24

discussion: what does a large research project entail?


Aug 31

presentations: what is the problem?

statement of research problem

oral presentations based on statements

Sept 7

Labor Day: no class

Sept 14

workshop: library research


Sept 21

discussion: remaining tasks & organization of time


Sept 28




Oct 5


draft 1 to readers


Oct 12

discussion: balancing personal & professional choices

return comments to A authors

draft 1 to readers

Oct 19

workshop: CVs & job letters

return comments to #1 authors

Oct 26




Nov 2




Nov 9

workshop: grants

draft 2 to readers


Nov 16

discussion: the differences - student & professor

return comments to A authors

draft 2 to readers

Nov 23


return comments to #1 authors





Nov 30




Dec 7

discussion: oral exams (comprehensive & defense)