Diana Archangeli, Ph. D.
Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Arizona
Faculty, Cognitive Science Program, University of Arizona
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Arts & Sciences 195b, Fall 1998 - Freshman Colloquium
"Language in life: it's what we do"
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Administrative Details

Professor: Diana Archangeli, Linguistics, 621-2184

Email: dba@u.arizona.edu

Time: 11-11:50 M

Location: Harvill 140

Office hours & location

Office hours: Monday 12:30-1; Thursday 12:30-1


A: "do you have your shoes on?"
B: "ok, ok, I’ll take out the trash"
Have you ever been party to a conversation whose meaning is not simply a translation of the words involved? Find out why language works this way! In this colloquium we will explore some of the many myths about language, about how language is learned, about what it is, and about how it is used. We will focus on how to critically evaluate "facts" about language through research exercises that examine our use of language in ordinary situations.


Academic Skills

Linguistic Skills Texts Spring, C. (1997a) Linguistics for Humans: A Field-based Approach to Linguistics, Real Grammar, Catalina, AZ. (FAL)

Spring, C. (1997b) Linguistics for Humans: The Basics, Real Grammar, Catalina, AZ.

Expectations & Grade (see also Attendance Policy)

Field-based exercises (80% of grade):

Final (20% of grade): Class attendance: Schedule:
date topic reading/assignment due grade %
Aug 24 introductions – people & course    
Aug 31 transcription & "funediks"  
Sept 7 Labor Day – no class    
Sept 14 what does it mean to "know a language"? Basics, chapter 1, FAL, chapters 1 and 2 
transcription of taped conversation
Sept 21 what does it meant to "study language"? FAL chapter 3  
Sept 28 semantics Basics, chapter 2 to p. 15  
Oct 5 semantics – examples from tapes    
Oct 12 pragmatics Basics, chapter 2 p. 15 to 24  
Oct 19 pragmatics – examples from tapes    
Oct 26 morphology Basics, chapter 3 to p. 41  
Nov 2 morphology – examples from tapes meaning report 20 %
Nov 9 syntax Basics, chapter 3 p. 14 to 57  
Nov 16 syntax – examples from tapes    
Nov 23 phonetic transcription structure report 20%
Nov 30 phonology – examples from tapes Basics, chapter 4 p. 59-69, p. 73-77, p. 81-84   
Dec 7 course wrap-up sound report 20%
Dec 11 Final exam (11 – 1)   20%