Dr. David Ortiz Jr.
University of Arizona
Department of History


Yours truly in front of the Federalist Wall in Paris, 1997


King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sophia



I am a social and cultural historian of 18th, 19th, & 20th century Europe, with a growing interest in intellectual history.  My research interests center on public discourse in southern Europe, particularly in newspapers, magazines, and popular novels, during the 'fin de siglo' period, from about 1870-1930.  I also explore the impact of popular discourse on the politics, social, cultural, and intellectual issues of turn-of-the-century Spain.  My current research includes popular and medical discourse on sexuality and gender as it relates to personal and national identity formation.

Recent Publications

    • Paper Liberals:  Press and Politics in Restoration Spain, Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc., 2000.
    • “La Presidencia de los Estados Unidos: ¿Un modelo de poder ejecutivo?,” Espacio, Tiempo y Forma, Serie V, H.a Contemporánea, t. 16, 2004.
    • "Leopaldo Alas."  In Spanish Writers on Gay and Lesbian Themes:  A Biographical Sourcebook, ed. David William Foster, Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc., 1999.
    • "Spain, Modern 1808-present."  In Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing, ed. Kelly Boyd, Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, 1999.

Courses Regularly Taught

Individuals & Societies 103 – The Making of Modern Europe 1600 to present
History 202 – The History of Modern Sexualities
History 396A – The Nature and Practice of History
History 456A – History of Anarchism in Europe
                        Anarchism webpage
Spanish History Webpage
History 477 – History of Comparative World Revolutions
                        French Revolutionary Chronology & Calendar
                        Chronology of Russian Revolution
                        Chronology of Nicaraguan Revolution
                        Final Exam Essays
History 495 – Topics in European History


In addition, I teach graduate courses in Mediterranean history and modern Europe seminars and colloquia on various topics.

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