Traditional by John Newton with additional words by Chuck Phillips



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Amazing Grace is one of the most famous songs in the English Language. Like many old songs, it has an interesting story. It was written by John Newton who was born in 1725 in London, England. Newton was the son of commander of a merchant ship. Newton sailed with his father until he was forced into navy service. John Newton found the conditions on the navy ship to be intolerable so he deserted. However, he was soon captured and publicly beaten.

Later, he went to work on a slave ship that sailed to Sierra Leone in West Africa. Eventually, he became captain of his own slave-trading ship. He continued his horrible business until one day on a return voyage his ship was caught in a terrible storm. He thought he and his men would all die in the ocean. According to Newton, a miracle happened and he and his ship were saved. He changed his life forever from that time. He went back to England and became a relgious man and wrote "Amazing Grace."

About the recording

This recording features Jack Glenn as the voice of John Newton.

Chuck sings, plays keyboards, and sequenced the bass and drums.

It was recorded at the Mad Mesquite Studio, Arizona. © 2005 Charles L. Phillips