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      My administrative commitments as Provost mean that I am unable to provide the appropriate level of attention to teach a regularly scheduled course. In prior years I taught the courses below. The most recent course outlines are available for the semesters listed in parentheses. Note: outlines will not necessarily remain the same for future versions of any course.
  • Geog 696C Physical Geography Seminar (changing topics each time):
    • Climate Applications Toolbox (Spring 2012)
    • Climate Drivers of Environmental Change (Spring 2011)
    • Climate & the Ecology of Infectious Disease (Spring 2010)
    • Cutting-Edge Climatology (Spring 2009)
    • Analysis of Disease and Climate (Spring 2008)
    • IPCC AR4 Climate Change in the Southwest (Spring 2007)
    • Climate & Health (Spring 2006)
    • Applied Climate Toolbox (Spring 2005)
    • Drought in the Southwest (Spring 2004)
    • Synoptic Climatology (Spring 2002)
    • Rethinking Introductory Physical Geography (Spring 2001)
    • Southwest Climate Variability (Spring 1998)
    • Synoptic Climatology (Spring 1996)
    • Climate-Environment Interactions (Spring 1993)
  • AR L 565 Physical Aspects of Arid Lands (Team Taught), also crosslisted as GEOG 565: Climate Module (Fall 2004)
  • Geog 430/530 The Climate System, also crosslisted as AR L 530 / GC 530 (Fall 2005)
  • Geog 230 Our Changing Climate (Spring 2005)
  • Nats 101 Earth's Environments: Introduction to Physical Geography (Spring 2003)

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