K99 Research Associate                                                                 Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences and Psychology          University of Arizona

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Postdoctoral Fellowship, Psychology
            University of Arizona,  2011-2014
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Center for Research in Language
            UC, San Diego, 2010-2011
PhD, Psychology    (certificate, Language and Communication Sciences) 
            University of Pennsylvania, 2010
MA,  Psychology
            University of Pennsylvania,  2005
BA,  Psychology     (Music minor)
            Stanford University, 2004

Research Training

Tweety Language Development Lab. Department of Psychology, University of Arizona
            LouAnn Gerken, Director
Plante Lab. Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, University of Arizona
            Elena Plante, Director
Language Acquisition and Sound Recognition (LASR) Lab. Cognitive Science, UC San Diego
            Sarah Creel, Director
Infant Language Center. Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
            Daniel Swingley, Director
Phonetics Laboratory. Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania
            Jiahong Yuan and Mark Liberman, Directors
Center for Infant Studies. Psychology, Stanford University
            Anne Fernald, Director

Grants and Funding

Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00), NIDCD
            Title: Age and group differences in language-learning biases
            Five-year grant (total budget $936,578) to extend insights from typical language development to investigate common                     mechanisms that might account for language-learning difficulties in preschoolers with Specific Language Impairment and                 adults learning second languages.
Individual Postdoctoral National Research Service Award, NICHD                                                                           
            Title: The role of variability in infants' phonological learning
            Sponsor: LouAnn Gerken; Priority Score 18, Percentile 7

National Science Foundation IGERT Graduate Traineeship
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship