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Coorporate Dining Tips:

After doing some research on dining etiquette, here are some tips that I have found that seem to be the most applicable to coorporate dining situations. These tips are for more formal occasions, where you might see a table setting similar to the one above. If your boss takes you out to a pizza joint, the rules for the event are going to be different and these rules may not all apply.

1. Remove the napkin from the table immediatly upon taking your seat. Do not place the napkin in the shirt.

2. Take small portions to chew at a time. You have taken too much if you are unable to chew quietly or if you are unable to respond to a question from one of the other members of the table within a short time. Since this is coorporate dining the converstation during the meal is likely to be a large focus of the dinner/luncheon, so it is important that you are prepared.

3. Do not get straight to buissness, allow some time for regular chatting before you start.

4. Finger foods (aside from bread) and messy foods are not appropriate, so choose your order appropriatly.

5. Ice should not be chewed during the meal, or in public. It should remain in the glass and not enter the mouth on any occassion

6. It is reccommended that you do not consume alcohol during busness diners or luncheons. Even if the host or company has provided the drinks, remember that the event is buissness and not a party, so do not consume in excess.

7. Do not remove the jacket or flip the tie across the shoulder to prevent staining.

8. All care should be taken to keep the area around your eating neat and tidy.

9. Do not place your fingers in your mouth at any time. If you have a piece of food that you would like to remove from your mouth, use the same utensile to remove the piece as you used to place it in.

10. Avoid making noises while chewing. One way to avoid making noises is by chewing with the mouth closed. This technique also helps to prevent yourself from showing the table your chewed food, which should also be avoided as it is not a pleasent sight.

11. In general try to not do things that will gross people out. Most people should be able to use common sense and listen to their parent's voice in their head to avoid inappropriate behavior.

12. If you get lost during the event, the best thing to do is to watch what your host is doing and follow their lead!



There are many good references on the internet about coorporate dining etiquette, but here are some of the ones that I found to be helpful if you looking to have some more information.

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