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The 28th Annual American Indian Language Development Institute

Weaving Indigenous Voices: Telling Our Stories
June 4th – June 29th, 2007, The University of Arizona, Tucson

Course Title: LRC430/530, Computer Applications for Language Teaching

Instructor: Phil Cash Cash, PhD Candidate

Teaching Assistant: Gilbert Brown, PhD Candidate

Location: CCIT 319

Time: 1:00-4:30 pm, Monday-Friday (unless otherwise indicated)

Course Description: This course offers a practical introduction to concepts and techniques of effective computer usage in language teaching. It has been designed to provide an overview of the most widely used types of software and internet-based programs and offers "hands-on" experience using select computer applications. The focus will be primarily on creating multimedia language lessons using Microsoft Publisher, Power Point and MaxAuthor software. This class is open to all who want to understand and experience how technology can support Indigenous language revitalization efforts. No sophisticated computer skills are required. Meets requirements for methodology.

Introduction. One of the main goals of Language Revitalization (LR) is to increase the number of speakers of a target language. Contemporary trends in the LR field are beginning to show that many Indigenous communities are adopting multimedia technology as one means of achieving this goal. However, the use of these technologies by Indigenous communities far exceeds our current understanding of their overall role and purpose in LR applications. This course seeks to fill this gap in knowledge by drawing upon current experience in the LR field, trends in multimedia and language learning, and the anticipated uses of current multimedia technologies.

Purpose. The purpose of this course is to aid AILDI participants in understanding the core concepts of multimedia technology and to build an effective knowledge-base from which participants can draw from and utilize for their own personal, community, or classroom language revitalization goals.

In addition, the course seeks to enable AILDI participants to recognize their strengths and abilities in working in computer-mediated environments and to give them the confidence to use multimedia technologies more effectively towards language teaching.

Instructional methods used. AILDI participants will participate in classroom lectures, discussions (e.g. classroom, online), demonstrations of multimedia applications, “hands-on” learning, and AILDI microteaching.

Objectives. AILDI participants will:

Course Materials. AILDI participants will utilize a course booklet specifically designed for this course. Participants will purchase a headset for audio recording. In addition, participants will access a course website to current lecture notes, readings, and internet links.

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Course Format and Requirements. AIDLI participants are expected to:

Grading. This course is designed to fulfill undergraduate and graduate requirements. Undergraduate requirements will include all basic requirements described above. Graduate requirements will include additional writtten assignment(s), an advanced multimedia project, and/or a multimedia proposal.


Week 1

June 04 Intro. Stop Motion/Windows Movie Maker Workshop
June 05 Stop Motion/Windows Movie Maker Workshop
June 06 Audio Workshop
June 07 PowerPoint/Graphics Workshop
June 08 The elements of multimedia language learning (class ends 3pm)

Week 2

June 11 PowerPoint/Graphics Workshop
June 12 Graphics Workshop
June 13 Dictionary/Database Workshop
June 14 Dictionary/Database Workshop
June 15 No class. Native Voices Symposium

Week 3

June 18 Independent Projects
June 19 Independent Projects
June 20 Independent Projects
June 21 TBA
June 22 TBA - Workshop/Guest Speaker

Week 4

June 25 Class Presentations and Summary
June 26 Class Presentations and Summary
June 27 Microteaching (No class)
June 28 Course Review and Summary (short AM class)
June 29 No Class