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Mark L. Brusseau


429 Shantz Building
Tucson, Arizona 85721
Office: 520-621-3244
Lab: 520-626-4191
FAX: 520-621-1647







7/98 - present Professor of Subsurface Hydrology/Environmental Chemistry;
Soil, Water, and Environmental Science Department (Home), and
Hydrology and Water Resources Department (Joint);
University of Arizona.

7/93 - 6/98 Associate Professor; University of Arizona.

11/89 - 6/93 Assistant Professor; University of Arizona.


1989 Ph.D. Subsurface Hydrology/Environmental Chemistry University of Florida

Major: Contaminant Transport, Department of Soil and Water Science.
Minor: Environmental Engineering Science [Environmental Chemistry], Department of
Environmental Engineering Science.
Minor: Civil Engineering [Subsurface Hydrology], Department of Civil Engineering.

1984 M.S. Geology [Watershed Hydrology] University of Iowa

1982 B.S. Geology [Environmental Geology] University of Nevada

1982 B.A. Political Science [Environmental Policy] University of Nevada


Mark Brusseau's research is focused on developing a fundamental understanding of the factors and processes influencing the transport and fate of contaminants in the subsurface. His approach integrates theoretically and experimentally based investigations with the development and use of process-based mathematical models. Specific research interests include: (1) transport of reactive contaminants in heterogeneous porous media; (2) rate-limited inter-phase mass transfer (e.g. diffusion, sorption/desorption, NAPL dissolution); (3) behavior of complex contaminant systems (multi-solute, multi-solvent, multi-phase); (4) coupled processes such as inter-phase mass transfer and biodegradation; (5) vapor-phase transport; (6) colloid transport. Mark is also interested in the development and evaluation of innovative methods for characterization and remediation of subsurface contamination, and the evaluation of risks posed to human health by contamination.


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