Connections within the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

My Place within the U of A

Other Connections

My Place within the U of A

Connections to Earth and Environmental Sciences at the U of A

Department of Atmospheric Sciences and Institute of Atmospheric Physics (ATMO), the academic and research department that I work for at The University of Arizona.

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences (SEES), the federation of Earth and environmental science departments and research institutes at the U of A of which ATMO is a member.

Global Change Minor Program, the graduate interdisciplinary minor program about global climate and environmental change and the effects of these on humanity that I am minoring in.

Institute of the Environment (IE), UA's environmental science consortium.

Climate Dynamics and Hydrometeorology Center (CDHC), the interdisciplinary research consortium for the interactions between climate and meteorology and hydrology. (I am the maintainer of the Center's web page.)

College of Science (UAScience), the college of physical and biological science departments that ATMO is a member of.

Biosphere 2, the world-reknown U of A College of Science facility for environmental research north of Tucson.

The U of A at Large

UA Home, the gateway to The University of Arizona.

Financial Services Office (FSO), the UA's central department handling all finances:

Human Resources, UA's central department providing resources to employees.

Sponsored Projects Services, UA's central grant processing facility.

UAccess, the U of A's clearinghouse for electronic form submission, electronic document downloads, and registering for classes.

University Information Technology Services (UITS), the University's central IT service:

University Libraries, the University's library system.