Classes 3-4:  Gregorian Chant:  The Mass


A.  Quiz 1:

Please identify the composer, date, genre, form, and style of the piece you hear played.


B.  The Mass

1.  The meaning of the Mass; how it differs from the Offices


2.  The 3 parts of the Mass:  Opening & Entrance; Teaching; the Eucharist


3.  Introit Resurrexi et adhuc [EMH 1a; nos. 6-7]

a.  Is Easter a Sanctorale or a Temporale feast?

b.  The ritual function of the Introit

c.  Liturgical classification =  Proper antiphonal chant

The terms antiphonal and responsorial

d.  Original & modern forms of the chant

e.  Style: text-setting style(s); ambitus; mode; the Psalm tone

f.  Rhythm: 

Solesmes performance & Proportional performance

g.  Introit tropes Quem quaeritis in sepulchro & Ecce pater [EMH:1b-c; no. 8]

What is a trope?  What are the 3 types of tropes?

Why were tropes composed?

What is unusual about the text of this trope? 

How did this piece figure in the Easter liturgy?

Differences in our recording and score


4.  Kyrie [EMH:1c; no. 9]

a.  the dating of Ordinary chants

b.  language and meaning of the text; liturgical & ritual function

c.  mode?  ambitus?  text-setting style?  form?


5.  Kyrie Cunctipotens genitor [EMH:1c; no. 9]:  troped Kyrie

a.  What is a trope?

b.  What are the 3 types of tropes?



6.  Gloria [EMH:1d]

a.  “the Greater Doxology”; Ordinary chant

b.  formulaic style


[Collect, Epistle]


7.  Gradual Haec dies  [EMH:1e]

a.  “Gradus”; Proper responsorial chant; responsorial psalmody

b.  style


8.  Alleluia & Verse Pascha nostrum [EMH:1f; no. 10]

a.  Proper responsorial chant

b.  old and new Alleluias; the Jubilus

c.  style:   ambitus?  text-setting style?  form?


[Gospel; Credo, Sermon]


9.  Tract Absolve Domine [SS:6; no. 11]

a.  Use?  Texts.

b.  Proper responsorial chant

c.  Style: 


10.  Sequence Fugens praeclara [EMH:1g]

a.  “sequentia”; form


11.  Credo:  text and style


12.  Offertory:

a.  Proper antiphonal (?) chant; liturgical function & style


[prayers, & the Preface]


13. Sanctus & Benedictus: 

a.  Ordinary chant; dating, form and style


14. Agnus Dei:

a.  Ordinary chant;  dating and style


15.  Communion:

a.  Proper antiphonal chant; form & style


16.  Ite missa est:

a.  Ordinary chant; form & style