Lately, like many of the people on the TL I've been bitten by the 3-D bug. here are some links to my stuff.

An orrimot shot

Here's a look at an in-system delivery 'truck'. This is a work-in-progress. a front 3/4 view

more of a side view

Turn on the porch light, Hoss. A delivery's comin'! A small in-system ship makes a supply and mail run to a remote asteroid outpost far out-system.

An icon , suitable for painting on the side of monitors, to signify keyboards shot down in the line of duty. Doug and Kenji's systems should look like a senior linebacker from Nebraska's helmet with these things plastered over every square inch of space.

Maxon's Cinema 4D has gotten a number of raves as a 3D tool, and their entry level version, Cinema 4D GO is now bundles with Apple's video editing app FinalCut Pro.
I took advantage of a recent offer in MacAddict (now expired) to pick up C4D GO for $50( SRP $199 US). As a bonus, I got a CD full of stuff called 'Instant Space' spaceship parts, textures, backgrounds, etc. My mini-review of one weekend's working with C4d is here . I made a quickie star-wars-ish battle scene with a fighter group engaging a freighter. Pirates? Rebels? who knows...
Here is a close up of one of the fighters.

Well, I finally got some more starship stuff done in Strata. Here is my take on the Sulieman (or a clone thereof) done up in civ colors. The turret isn't done. Rather, the turret was done, but I was dissatified with it so it's gone. Yes, it _is_ named after Travis Macgee's houseboat. ;-)