Here are two subsector mapping related programs for the Traveller RPG. Traveller is a registered trademark of FarFuture Enterprises and Imperium Games. They are subitted without guarantee, use at your own risk, etc etc. One of them I had nothing to do with, but the others I take the blame for ;-)


This program was written by Travis McCord, on the Traveller mailing list a long time ago. It is a shareware program, and if anyone out there, or Travis himself, would like to come forward with his current address, I have some money for him!

Here is a sample of the output and here is the documentation for the program.

It is a fairly standard C program and has compiled without complaint under three different Unix flavors, and the documentation says any ansi C compiler should work. Download it as a unix .tar file here.

The sectmass suite

These programs manipulate the fabled Genie (DGP) sector data files into subsectors that are suitable for use with sub2ps. They are written in MS DOS 6.22 Basic (qb.exe) and will compile with the old DOS Quickbasic 4.0 or 4.5. Someday, I'll compile 'em and have the executables for download. For the time being, the source code is available for download, and so are the sector files as PC .ZIP files. I also have some scanty documentation.
I am planning a Mac port of these, too, in FutureBasic or perhaps do it in Java and be done with it, but that is, as usual dependent on having the time to do it all.

World Builder Spreadsheets

Rob Prior has made a set of related Excel spreadsheets and macros to detail worlds according to World Builder's Handbook rules. Make sure they all stay together in the same folder. They are in an older version of Mac Excel, but uncompressed so anyone who can decode binhexed files and has excel should be able to get them to work. YMMV.