The Forlorn

The Forlorn are a minor human race I wrote up for the Traveller Mailing List. They are a zero-gee adapted people.

The Slavers of Genarre

This is an adventure set in the M0 milieu, off at the edges of a pocket empire.

The Biggest Ships of All

An adventure set aboard a ship a kilometer and a half long.

"The Tender" contents page

The table of contents for a starship collectors journal.

World write-ups

Rob Prior sent me write ups of three worlds he's used: Wypoc, Echiste, and Twilight's Peak. These three packages contain system descriptions, lovely Macintosh Pict maps, and Excel spreadsheets of trade tables and populations, etc, of each system.

They are uncompressed Mac binhexed files.

The Known Universe (and then some)

I have put up two maps showing the Known Traveller Universe, in a very interesting fashion. I have no idea whose these are. They came from the now defunct web site that also used to host "The Traveller Chronicles" mag site.

There are two maps. A small one showing the general political layout, at the time of the Rebellion, and a larger one with all the sector names, including MANY that are not canon, A FAIK.

If ANYONE knows what this is, or whose they are, please let me know!!

My Donosev model

While I don't pretend to the throne of the reigning lord of Traveller 3D, Jesse DeGraff, I've been doing my own model of a Donosev Survey Ship, aka 'the ugliest ship in Traveller'. Here is a untextured view.