Other Starship and vehicle designs

The 'Dean' Files

One of the legendary longtime members of the Traveller Mailing List is Rob Dean.  He is the contributor of dozens of detailed starship and vehicle designs, all done in MT rules.

The files here are in two parts, a comma separated index file, and a larger file containing two text files with the actual designs.

 Trav_veh.zip is the index file. Approximately 10 kb in size.

 Vehicles.zip are the two text files with the actual designs. The VD files are the desings as originally posted in the Traveller mailing list, and have headers, bits of other digests, quotes, etc. The TL files are just the designs and accompanying descriptive text, ordered by TL. Unfortunately whoever did this condensation, removed attribution of who did what. Most of these designs are by Rob Dean, though some are by other members of the TML at the time. There is considerable, but not complete overlap between the two files, which is why I'm choosing to combine them into one. Approximately 340 k in size.