Name: Ms. Bitch (usually)

Age: 17 years

She is our oldest cat, persnikety and set in her ways. She tolerates the other cats, hisses and swats at the dogs, and generally holds herself above all of us rabble. The only time this changes is at mealtime, where she will get up on the small table we f eed the cats on, and loudly demand that she be fed, fed right now, and fed what she wants! Dammit!

She will sometimes consent to allow you to pet her, and sometimes she surprises us all by wandering onto our laps to be petted, but most of the time you'll find her curled up someplace warm (the top of the refrigerator is one favorite hangout) asleep.

She will starve to death in the presence of dry cat food, unlike all three of our other cats who will eat anything. Worse the ONLY canned cat food she will eat is 'cat tuna', nothing else will do...she'll look at it and walk away, with a look on her face like someone who KNOWS you're trying to poison her.

On the other hand, she'll also eat spaghetti or peas....