Other Games I'd like to play sometime...

Twilight 2000

TW2k, as it's affectionately known, is another GDW role-playing game, this one set in the apocalyptic vision of Ronnie Ray-gun's Europe...you know, the one where the Evil Empire's (TM) superhuman fighting machines overran the pitiful NATO troops.

In the game, everything degenerated into WWIII, ground to a standstill, everyone's really tired of fighting, and you are a dogface just trying to find your way back home. From Poland. With four or five of your buddies, 3 M-16's, 2 AK-47's, four clips of ammo, a hand grenade and a HumVee that you can keep running for about 2 hours at a time, and...oh yeah...the last time you ate was two days ago...and then it was rat stew.


The one, the original, the litigious. I cut my RPG teeth on D&D, like many of us, and to this date it still retains a warm place in my heart. I don't play no 2nd edition stuff, though...my house rules evolved long before there < B>was a 2nd edition, though they have some of the flavor...still, it's hard to be a munchkin in my world, so don't expect to be.


Fudge, or Freeform Universal Donated Gaming Engine, is just that... a game system rather than a game, much like GURPS, only this one's a net.freebie, with a lot of miscellaneous support out there. Check out the web site for more information. Fudge puts a lot more emphasis on the Role-playing rather than the Roll-playing, and allows the kind of gaming I really like...the games where people later tell the stories about them, as if they were really there...

Fudge Cybers

My own take on Cyberpunk 2020 without a lot of the truly stupid rules and rigid character types. This takes place in a world disturbingly like our own, disturbingly like Bladerunner, where corporations rule, computers are everywhere, and you can plug yourself into just about anything. If you aren't rich and connected, you're assumed to be expendable, unless you show the rich and connected you're worth something. This is the background and stuff I've developed so far...