This was inspired by a post by Alvin Plummer of a ship he had designed, the Orrimot Class fleet tenders, as an example of a really REALLY grungy, low tech old junker of the spaceways.

THESE are the kind of people who pick up those old surplus Orrimots:

 The Tender

a quarterly journal for antique starship enthusiasts

Vol 258, No. 3

1214/01/12, Glisten, Spinward Marches.



3 'Old friends revisited...The Orrimot special issue'


22 'Main Hub Bearing Rebuilds Done right'

Smokey takes you step by step through this important part of any Orrie rebuild or maintenence. Blueprints
are included to machine the hard-to-find outer rim seal sets, and to modify Ensign Industries turret bearings
for those of you who can't find original parts.

45 'Never Buy Jump Tapes Again'

We install the Strange Trip Industries LST workstation interface.  Can a dropout computer genius really run a
starship off a desktop? They call it a kit, but we find that lots of homebrewing is necessary...this ain't a
weekend project.

62 'Why Spin?'

Lots of people consider it heresy, but face it...CG is a lot easier. We evaluate the 'New Grav' CG adapter
system for use on that custom 'mot you have in your stable.


69 Interview/Ship Profile. 'Furthur'

 TT talks, in depth, to Dunstan Englebart, architect of the LST workstation interface.  How a renowned
programmer/engineer dropped out of a high profile career with Starpoint Systems, found peace and
happiness in a starfaring commune, and happened to free antique shipowners from the Jump Tape lock.

The 'Furthur' is more than the wildly painted home of a odd bunch of interstellar vagabonds...from the city
bus sign riveted to it's nose, to the garden taking up the starboard hamster cage, to the sound system
running throughout the ship, to the extended airfoils on the tail, the 'Furthur' is a monument to the
flexibility and modifiability of the basic Orrie design. We talk to Angus McCorran, Dunstan Englebart and
Viroshuggzh Agrizzh, the ship's master, syestem's engineer, and chief engineer, respectively about life on
the 'Furthur', and homebuilding starcraft.

83 Interview/Ship Profile 'Salmoras'

Ramshalassan Vulkuri has won numerous concours d'exellance awards with his meticulously restored
'Salmoras'. Here he tells TT of his long infatuation with Vilani-designed ships, a brief tour of his
collection, and details of his restoration of the 'Salmoras'.

Gleaming like the day she was launched, the 'Salmoras' stands as an outstanding example of the restorer's
craft. First launched in the very earliest days of the Imperium, in 238, she served the fledgling Imperial fleet
for 70 years.   Ramshalassan Vulkuri found her languishing in a Spinward Marches junkyard, and bought
her for next to nothing. That began a 15 year odyssey to find, rebuild or recreate the parts necessary to
bring it back to the pristine condition it is in today. Ramshalassan roamed throughout the subsector
poking around in junkyards, antique shops and surplus depots in that time. The original Vland to Ershur
jump tape set, he says, was his greatest find.  It was in a dingy old thrift shop on Gram...

Regular Features:

5 Mail to the editors: Readers sound off on early Scout/Courier history, the Type Y debate...single
class or artificial distinction?, Early Tukera insignia.

8 Ask Smokey:  Smokey answers your tough tech questions.

17 Brill's Rambles: Brill covers a tough subject...finding the space for those things in your yard.

91 Bit's 'n Pieces: New stuff for the Starship enthusiast

98 Market place: Buy, sell, or just horsetrade.

107 End Paper: Sir Movrol N'garsett on the new Regency Salvage Code