Majesta-Class megamerchant TL-16

Alvin Plummer

Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 15:49:34 -0500 (EST)
From: Alvin Plummer <>
To: traveller@MPGN.COM
Subject: TL E Majesta MegaMerchant

The MegaMerchants of the Imperium - merchant's over 100,000 Disp tons -
is the mainstay of Imperial Commerce.  Owned and controlled by either the
Imperial Government or the Megacorporations, these vessels are the
lifeblood of the Imperium, transporting billion's of tons of goods from
one Hi-pop world to another.

Practically all MegaMerchants are only to be found in the main body of
the Imperium: only a handful exist in the Spinward Marches, none over
200,000 disp tons.

The importance of MegaMerchants cannot be overestimated.  When the
Imperium speaks of 'protecting interstellar commerce', they are not
talking of protecting 200 ton Beowolf free traders, but 5,000,000 ton Titan
transports.  A major task of the Imperial navy is protecting these
ships.  Even membership within the Imperium is related to the
MegaMerchants: these ships are not permitted to visit nonImperial worlds
(except,in special cricumstances, Imperial client states).  When
politicans talk of the Imperium being a 'trade confederation', they mean
a confederation tied together partly by MegaMerchants.

There are less than 8,000 MegaMerchants within the Imperium.  Most, like
the 'George Bolme' 200,000 ton class ships, are under the million-ton
limit.  Of the 600 ships over the million-ton limit, over 2/3's are
single jump, 5,000,000 disp ton Titan ships, devoted to a single large
main like the Vilani or Core Main. Only about 200 ships are Majesta's:
Jump4, 2G modular transports of over 2 million disp tons, these
ships are of great importance to GSbAG (the MegaCorp who builds them),
Tukera Lines LIC (The MegaCorp who runs them) and the Imperium.

These are the largest ships which follow the xboat routes, and thus the
ships needed for 'long-haul, huge cargo' situations.  They have been used
to transport mile-long buildings from Vland to Capital, segments of grav
cities from Solomani Rim to Antares, and entire fleets of smaller ships
from Daibei to their Vargr buyers in the Marches.

An entire strain of Tukera Line corporate culture surrounds the
Majestas'. It was Majesta crews that started the Great Merchant Strike of
904, (still the only Imperium-wide labour action in history) which froze
the entire Imperial economy for two years and sent entire sectors into
a decade-long depression. It was Majesta crews that were the first
MegaMerchants allowed to carry a (limited) number of dependents onboard,
for their 3-6 year runs across the Imperium.  It was Majesta ships that
were the first MegaMerchants to get enough lifeboats for the entire crew
(after the famous _Dragon's Trove_ disaster, which struck a mere 15 parsec's
from Capital).

For MegaCorp personnel, Majesta crews are a breed apart. Outspoken, vocal
and fully aware of their own importance, they take nothing from nobody,
be they Archduke, Administrator or Admiral.  Solomani-dominated, they have a
vigourous rivalry with the Vilani lines that dare challange their
dominance on the xboat routes.  (Nevermind free traders, who they view as
figures of fun).  Of course, Majesta crews recieve special care from
Tukera Lines, who are careful of crossing swords with them and aware of
their irreplaceable skills and experience.

Majesta's carry up to sixteen 50,000 disp Sekio Modules.  The cargo
version is nothing but a hull and a powerplant to power the control
systems.  It's entire hull is a clam-shell cargo door.  Of course, it has
no crew, but is controlled remotely by RCV workstations.

The passenger version is as above, but with basic life support and 49,900
low berths installed.  As there is still no crew, 2495 x TL 13a robot
brains are built-in (with a selection of robots) to service the medical
needs of the low passengers.

The 560 x 95-disp ton shuttles were originally to be used as lifeboats, but
are more often used as cargo haulers, on-loading and off-loading items
for the 200,000 kl internal cargo hold.  They are manned by built-in
robot brains for crew.

P.S. Yes, I know I should have installed some missiles on this ship, but
the problem is, it's _civilian_!  Installing the number of missile
turrents the ship deserves would make it very, *very* dangerous.
Better to invoke some 'Imperial Regulation' forbidding missile
emplacements on MegaMerchants.

Brilliant Lances Statistic's

TL E Majesta MegaMerchant
Disp  2 000 000/2 800 000      Armour           20
Len         1 506.8 m          Volume   28 000 000 kl
Price   920 497.746 MCr        Target            G
Config   Open Frame USL        Tech              E
Mass  11 198 209 mt unloaded
      12 054 737 mt loaded with 16 low berth modules & internal cargo
      24 429 703 mt loaded with 16 full cargo modules & internal cargo

Power Plant     Fusion 3 510 000 MW, 1 yr duration (100 MW/Hit; 61 172 MW
Jump            4 (9 800 000 kl of fuel)
G-rating        2 (1 221 485 MW/G w.cargo modules)
                  (  641 093 MW/G w/berth modules)
      w/cargo   30.0 G-hours (62.1 G-hrs w/jfuel), 305 107 kl each
      w/berths  60.7 G-hours (125.8 G-hrs w/jfuel), 150 794 kl each
Maint           462 611

Computer        2 x TL E st (.5 MW ea), 2 x TL E fb (1 MW ea)
Commo           3 x Radio 1000 AU (20.0 MW ea)
               10 x Laser 3000 km (  .04 MW ea)
Avionics        TL A+
Sensors         3 x P-EMS fixed (6 hex, .2 MW ea)
                3 x A-EMS      (10 hex, 15.0 MW ea)
               20 x Ladar         (10 hes,  2.5 MW ea)
ECM/ECCM        None

Controls        Bridge x 6157, Engineer x 29 250

Offensive       100 x TL E 150 Mj Laset Turrent
                (Loc: 1-20, Arc: All, 4.2 Mw, 0 Crew* ea)
                400 x empty turrent sockets (Loc: 1-20)

Defensive       500 x TL E Sandcasters
                (Loc: 1-20, Arc: All, 1 MW, 1 Crew ea, 2D6x5 per hit, 40 C)

MFD's           100 x TL E Beam (-5 Dif, 2 hex, 0.9 MW, 1 Crew ea)

-0 Dif  150 Mj Laser Turrent    2:1/10-31        4:1/10-31
                                8:1/10-31        16:1/10-31

Extended Life Support (5 600 MW)
ArtiGrav            (140 000 MW)

Complement      87 618

   Engineering  29 250  Maint    4 616  Line Admin     102
   Electrical        5  Stewards 1 546  RCV Control     30
   Maneuver          2  Command  5 918  Dependents  43 809
   Gunnery         600  Troops   1 000  Medical        730

[NOTE: one dependent per crew: optional.  Also, 14 RCV's are strictly
unneccessary, and 636 stewards are 'surplus' (they may be still needed:
after all, the Majesta has a population greater than many worlds...)

   Sm. Strooms x 37 789 (double: .0005 MW ea)
   Lg. Strooms x  6 020 (double: .001 MW ea)

Other Facilities
   30 x Electrical Shops (.6 MW ea), 30 x Mechanical Shops (1 MW ea)
   30 x Sickbay (.8 MW ea)

Small Craft & Launch Facilities
   Minimal hangar x 28.  Each hangar holds 20 x 95 disp
   shuttles/lifeboats.  Ten shuttles can launch at one time.  NOTE: crew
   has been replaced by robot brains.

   External grapples for 16 x 50 000 disp modules

Airlocks: 20 000
Cargo:   200 000 kl

Bridge, Fire Control Centre

No fuel scoops, purification

Surface Area

1        Launch Port
2-19 Ext. Grapples for modules (If loaded, see module damage chart)

Damage Area

[Important note: weapon volume is so small compared to ship volume as to
be meaningless.  Weapons cannot be hit without serious targeting]

1-15   Hold
16-17      1-3  Electrical
           4-10 Hold
          11-20 Engineering
18-19      1-15 Quarters
          16-20 Engineering
20     Engineering

System Damage

  10 x Laser, 3 x Radio              (1h)  Ant (1h) ea.
   3 x P-EMS                         (1h)      (2h)  ea.
   3 x A-EMS                         (2h)  ea.
   28 x Hangar                       107H  ea.
   30 x Mech Shop, 30 x Elect Shop     1H  ea.
   Cargo                          [2 000H ]
   Sm. Stroom x 37 789                (2h) ea.
   Lg. Stroom x  6 020                 1H  ea.
   ArtiGrav                        5 600H
   Life Support                   12 805H
   Emerg. Life Support             6 403H
   Laser Turrent x 100                 1H ea.
   Sandcaster Turrent x 500            1H ea.
   Jump Drive                     49 000H
   HEPlaR                          3 300H
   Power Plant                    35 100H

NOTE: asterisks after some crew numbers means that these positions *can*
be manned in lieu of the MFD stations.

Battle Rider Statstic's           MM = MegaMerchant

          MM Majesta
-                            -5
-                          TL E
-                        FC: -5
L(x20)2:1                     -
A:10 P:6                  J4 G2
AV:1                          -
SC:100                      741

TL E Sekio Module - Cargo
Disp         50 000            Armour           20
Len             224 m          Volume      700 000 kl
Price       157.527 MCr        Target            L
Config     Cylinder USL        Tech              E
Mass       703 800/4 912

Power Plant     Fusion 50 MW, 1 yr duration (50 MW/Hit; 0 MW surplus)
No Jump
No G-rating
No G-turns.  No CG's.
Maint           116 575 (Practically all due to cargo: done at port)

RCV controls.  No computer.
Commo           2 x Laser 3000 km (0.04 MW ea)
No Avionics
Sensors         1 x P-EMS fixed  3000 km (0 hex (use very long range),
                .008 MW ea)

No Life Support.  No ArtiGrav.  No Crew.  No Airlocks.
Cargo:   698 888 kl.  Entire hull is a clam-shell cargo hatch.


Surface Area

1-20 Hatch

Damage Area            (Power plant is so small compared to ship, it's
                        pratically impossible to hit)
1-20 Hold

System Damage

 Cargo          [7016 H]
 Power              1 H


Battle Rider Statstic's         Didn't even bother.

TL E Sekio Module - Low Berth
Disp         50 000            Armour           20
Len             224 m          Volume      700 000 kl
Price     3 845.537 MCr        Target            L
Config     Cylinder USL        Tech              E
Mass      58 445 (+1 if loaded: for fuel)

Power Plant     #1 Fusion 50 MW, 1 yr duration (50 MW/Hit; 0 MW surplus)
                #2 Fusion 120 MW, 1 yr duration (120 MW/Hit; 2 MW shortfall)
No Jump
No G-rating
No G-turns.  No CG's.
Maint           9 016

RCV controls.  No computer. Robot brain x 2495

[NOTE: Each brain is programmed with Medical (Diagnosis) - 10 (14)
                                     Medical (Trauma Aid) - 6 (10) ]

Commo           2 x Laser 3000 km (0.04 MW ea)
No Avionics
Sensors         1 x P-EMS fixed  3000 km (0 hex (use very long range),
                .008 MW ea)

Basic Life Support (70 MW)
No ArtiGrav.  No Crew.
No Airlocks (connector tube, with built-in airlock is needed to board)
Low Berths x 49 900


Surface Area

1-20 Hull

Damage Area            (Power plant is so small compared to ship, it's
                        pratically impossible to hit)
1-20 Quarters

System Damage

 Low Berths x 49 900     (1h) ea.
 Power Plant #1           1H
 Power Plant #2           1H

Battle Rider Statstic's         Didn't even bother.