The Arts & Learning Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association
AERA - Annual Meeting, 1999
Arts & Learning SIG Program

Membership Meeting

Arts and Learning SIG 
Monday 6:15 8:15 PM 

Sheraton, Salon 6, Level 3

SIG business: Larry Kantner, Chair
J. David Betts, Chair-elect

Presentation: "Pedagogy as Performance: Reader's Theatre in the Teacher Education Classroom."
Kelli Jo Kerry-Moran, Eastern Arizona College; Susan Finley, Michigan State University; Jean Konzal, The College of New Jersey.

Guest Speaker: David Berliner, Arizona State University


Tuesday 8:15 10:15

Marriott, Maisonneuve F, 36th Fl.

(Co-sponsored by 
Semiotics in Education SIG)

"Semiotics of Body and Time in a Visual Culture"


J. David Betts, University of Arizona 

Read Diket, William Carey College 

Kit Grauer, University of Britsh Columbia 

Rita Irwin, University of Britsh Columbia 

Carol Jeffers, California State University 

Larry Kantner, University of Missouri 

Marybeth Koos, Northern Illinois University

Sally A. Myers, Ball State University 

Stephannie Spina, City College of New York 

Mary Wyrick, Buffalo State College


Paper Session
Arts in Education

(N.B. This session will be listed in the supplemental program) 

Wednesday 8:15 10:15 AM

Maisonnueve A

Chair: J. David Betts, University of Arizona 

"Arts every day: Teachers' conceptions of arts education in elementary school.."
Barbara McKean, University of Arizona 

"Exploring New Possibilities And The Limits Of Theatre Education: A Role Play Project With Adolescent Actors To Improve Physicians Communication Skills."
Shifra Schonmann, University of Haifa 

"Aboriginal Artist/Educators Collaborate Through Video-Conferencing Technology."
Rita Irwin, University of British Columbia 

"Blocks and Bridges: Learning Artistic Creativity."
Patricia A. James, University of Minnesota Σ Judith Burton, Teachers College



 Thursday 10:35 11:15 AM

Hilton, Fontaine B, Level F.

"The Development of Teacher's Skills and Confidence in Using the Arts in the Classroom Curriculum."
Barry Oreck, University of Connecticut

"Powerful Preoccupations: Exploring Children's Fascination with Popular Culture Through Innovations in Elementary Art Education."
Miriam Davidson, Indiana University



 Thursday 1:15 1:55 PM

Hilton, Fontaine B, Level F.

"Teaching Qualitative Intelligence in an Art Classroom."
Richard E. Siegesmund, Stanford University 

"School Climate and The Arts: Not Necessarily in Harmony" 
David C. Meoli, St John's University. 

"In Search of Aesthetic Learning Spaces"
Margaret A . Macintyre Latta, University of Calgary. 

"Reform in Arts Education: Will Developing National Standards Help the Arts Survive in the Twenty-First Century?" 
Carol A. Beynon, University of Western Ontario 

"Art and Technology Integration: Developing an after school curriculum"
J. David Betts, University of Arizona



 Thursday 4:55 5:35 PM

Hilton, Fontaine B, Level F

"Responding to student teacher written case studies: Voice of cooperating teachers and other student teachers."
Joe Norris, University of Alberta 

"What worked: Results of a grant project to enable young children and their teachers to talk about art works."
Sally Myers, Ball State University 

"Symphony in the schools: A case study."
Stacy Otto, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill 

"Discovering Will."
Jennifer Peters, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 

"The Influence of Cultural Factors and Demographics on the Valuation of Art."
Mika Cho, CSU, Los Angeles



 Friday 12:15 1:05 PM

Hilton, Fontaine B, Level F

"Beating about for the Strongest hue: Expanding the roles of the fine arts in an elementary teacher education program."
David Dynak, University of Utah 

"National Board of Certification in Arts and its potential impact on graduate programming in art education."
Larry Kantner, University of Missouri - Columbia 

"Artists in the classroom: A role in the professional development of classroom teachers."
Merryl Goldberg, California State University San Marcos 

"Examining the thinking of preservice art teachers."
Elizabeth Kowalchuk, University of Kansas 

"Features of a singing culture and implications for music education."
Joan Russell, McGill University

"Speaking to silent spaces: Sexuality and the dance."
Donald Blumenfeld-Jones, Arizona State University