TUES  10.32
Time 8:15-10:15 AM
Le Meridien

Room: Orleans  3rd Fl

CHAIR Yonghee Hong, Ehwa  University, Korea

PARTICIPANTS      The  Play’s the Thing: Art Making as Context for Teacher Professional Development. 
Carol Ray Philips, Harvard University

 Art and Community: Creating Knowledge Through Service in Dance.
Janice Ross, Stanford Univesity; Lea Wolf, Hoover Middle School

Insight from the Child’s Perspective: Interviewing Young People About Arts Education.
Johnny Saldana; Laura A. Mccammon, Arizona State University

Talking About Art: Understanding Children’s Perspective.
 Christine Mulcahey, Rhode Island College

The thinking Process of Children: A Sybergic Model.
Mary Zahner, University of Dayton

Voices of Viewers: Iterative Research, Theory and Practice.
Abigail Housen, Visual Understanding in Education

DISCUSSANT  Peter Webster, Northwestern University;
Liora Bresler, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


TUES  20.23
Time 6:15-7:45 PM
Room: Mardi Gras F 3rd Fl
CHAIR   J. David Betts, University of Arizona
PROGRAM CHAIR Liora Breslet, University of Illinois.

GUEST SPEAKER  Does Studying the Arts Make You Smarter?
Ellen Winner, Boston College and Project Zero, Harvard University

THURS  34.06
Time 11:25AM-12:05 
Room: Carondelet 3rd Fl
TABLE   Documentary Film as Research: A Film Festival.
David Wong, University of Michigan; Froncois Tochon, University of Wisconsin, 
Madison; Carol Mills, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

TABLE   Learning to See.
  Margery Osborne, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

TABLE   Multimedia Arts Education Case studies in an After School Program.
J. David Betts, University of Arizona

TABLE When Art Education and Art History Meet on the Frontier of an Educational CD-ROM: Interdisciplinary Teamwork in a Formative Evaluation.
Marla Hochman; Teresa L. Cotner, Stanford University

TABLE Internationalizing the Art, Music and Social Studies Curriculum through Technology for Elementary Education Majors.
Larry Kantner; Linda B. Bennett, University of Missouri, Columbia

TABLE   Art Teachers’ Perspectives on Integrating Computer Art Into Art Curriculum.
   Li-Fen Lu; Ifeng Jeng, Indiana University, Bloomington

TABLE Integrating the World Wide Web Into Art Education: Guidelines for Designing a Web-Based Art Teacher Education Curriculum.
 Yu Nu Yang, University of Maryland

FRI  43.46
Time 8:45-9:25AM
Room: Carondelet 3rd Fl

TABLE   The Case Method and Teacher Education in the Arts.
 Colleen Conway, Michigan State University

TABLE   Deweyan Perspective on Aesthetic Understanding.
Mark Girod, Michigan State University

TABLE   Visual Thinking Strategies in an Alternative High School.
Rhoda Feldman, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

TABLE The Nature of Knowledge, Goal and Pedagogies in VTS Versus DBAE: A Conceptual Framework.
Jung-ah Choi, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

TABLE   Drawing to Learn: The Effects on Learning and Motivation.
Kellah Edens; Ellen Potter, University of South Carolina

TABLE   The Impact of Arts Education on Academic Achievement.
Wayne D. Parker; Johns Hopkins University; Karen K. Adkins, 
University of Arkansas, Little Rock

TABLE   From Criticism to Critique: Language Learning and Art Production.
Elisabeth M. Soep, Stanford University 

FRI  47.44
Time 12:25-1:05 0PM 
Room: Carondelt  3rd Fl
TABLE Education’s Roles in the Politics of  Space: Developing Critical, Spatial Literacy.
 Epifania Amoo-Adare, UCLA

TABLE   An African Music Curriculum for American Middle School Students.
Joy Faini Saab; Paschal Y. Younge, West Virginia University

TABLE Creative Community Growth and Education: The Case of the Art Works Center.
James W. Smolinski; Ann M. Triola-Smolinski, New Mexico State University

TABLE Re-examining Cultural Dynamics: Social Justice and Leadership in the Nonprofit Community Arts Organization.
James Sanders, Sawtooth Center for Visual Art

TABLE Assessing an  Art Class for Elementary Education Majors:What is Our Destination? What Route Should We Take? Who is Accompanying Us?
Sally A. Myers, Ball State University