VOLUME 20 N 3-4 AUGUST 2001

Target article

113 Felice L. Bedford. Towards a general law of numerical/object identity [Abstract]


177 Paul Bertelson, Jean Vroomen, Gisa Aschersleben, and Béa de Gelder. Object identity decisions:
At what processing levels? Or: Why the cantaloupe might work
183 Paul Bloom. Identity crisis
193 Ken Cheng. Object identity and Tinbergen's four whys
201 Leon Cohen. "Insensitivity" in vision and hearing
209 Douglas W. Cunningham. The central role of time in an identity decision theory
215 Christopher Gauker. Object identity: What is the question?
221 Ludwig Huber and Ulrike Aust. The relevance of evolution, species comparison, color and
categorization for the object identity problem
231 Joel Lachter. Object similarity, not identity: Getting at Bedford's core arguments
237 Dana B. Narter. Bedford's general law of object identity: Lessons from infant development
243 Gordon M. Redding. On the sufficiency of object identity
249 Karen S. Reinke. Measuring the strength of the object identity, overcoming object identity, and
knowledge as objects
255 Cedar Riener and Daniel B. Willingham. Beliefs about object identity and beliefs about object
properties in perception
261 Csaba Veres. Two glimpses of priming
269 Teresa G. Wilcox. Object identity: A developmental perspective

Author's response

277 Felice L. Bedford. Object Identity Theory and the nature of general laws




297 Thomas Suslow, Klaus Junghanns, Uta-Susan Donges, and Volker Arolt. Alexithymia and
automatic processing of verbal and facial affect stimuli [
325 Julie Jean, Marielle Cadopi, and Anne Ille. How are dance sequences encoded and recalled
by expert dancers? [

Continuing commentary on
"A law of numerical/object identity" (F. L. Bedford)

339 Allan C. Dobbins. World enough and time: The Erlangen program and perception
349 Monique Radeau and Cécile Colin. Object identity is not a condition but a result of intersensory
integration: The case of audiovisual interactions
359 Brian J. Scholl. Spatiotemporal priority and object identity
373 Tanya Sharon. Sampling issues and the parameters of impossibility

Author's response

381 Felice L. Bedford. The role of object identity and Klein's geometry in cross-modal and other