Stranded (c) Copyright 2001, Jim Bayers

What is Stranded?
Can I download Stranded?
Is there a walk-through?
Can I email someone?
What is interactive-fiction
What age level is appropriate?
What does it teach?
Can I get the source?

Stranded is an educational interactive fiction game. Don't let the educational part through you, all fans of interactive fiction will enjoy it.

You can download a Windows version of Stranded here. Download the file 'strand1.exe' to your desktop and double click on it. Double click on the file 'stranded.exe'. Everything you need to run the game is contained in 'stranded.exe'. Uninstalling the game is easy, just delete 'stranded.exe'.

If you have a TADS interpreter, you can download the game file here.

What is interactive fiction? - Interactive fiction, or IF, is a story where you tell the charcter what to do through commands. Here is a short example--the player's commands are capitalized:

The door opens.
You are in an oval room with blue walls. In the center of the room is a table. There is a note on the table.
"Admit one to the Chiller Diller movie festival."

Most interactive fiction involves gathering up items and then using the items to solve puzzles. Stranded is no exception. The difference between most classic games and Stranded is that Stranded is geared toward education.

What age level is appropriate? - Ten on up. One puzzle involves solving a mathmatical word problem. The problem includes calculating area and converting units. The rest of the puzzles aren't easy, but are solvable by any age group.

What does it teach? - Economics and the use of the library. In the library, the student will find hints to all the puzzles. The story has the student stranded in a small town where they must earn enough money to buy a bus ticket home. There are temptations that will separate the student from their money and sometimes they will have to spend money to make money.